当協会が協賛しました第7回アジア粉体工学シンポジウム(APT2017)が7月30日~8月3日の日程で、台湾の Chang Gung University で開催されました。

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山田会長が International Advisory Board として招待され、晩餐会で以下の祝辞を述べました。

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.
I would like to express congratulation for the opening of APT2017 held in Taiwan and hope a successful and fruitful meeting.
I also express sincere appreciation for Prof. Kuo and all related staffs, thank you very much for the efforts and hospitalities.

As you know, Powder Technology is a key technology for industry; many products are using powder in the production process.
Advanced powder material make new world. Devices of Information Technology, Battery of Electric Car and other Advanced Technology must be continuously developed.
Deep collaboration between academia and industry would be only solution to achieve future world. APT would be a world base collaboration opportunity, now start future world on APT2017.

Finally, I would like to say thank you for all attendees.

2017 1st August
Y Yamada, President of APPIE (The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN)


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